WR Reserve

  • All Premium Black Angus Beef
  • Available in USDA Prime, High Choice and traditional grades
  • Great taste guaranteed with every bite

WR Reserve- All Angus All The Time

More broadly available to customers, our USDA-certified WR Reserve brand represents the best in Angus beef. From premium steaks to savory roasts, these delicious meat selections won’t disappoint.

We know cattle. We know what makes a great cut of beef. By working with our partners and leveraging our heritage and history, Western Reserve is consistently delivering the highest quality Angus Beef for the best dining experiences in fine restaurants nationwide.

Based in the heart of cattle country – a region rich in values such as ethics, hard work and honesty – we don’t believe in settling for less than a total quality product. Neither should you or your customers.

So ask for Western Reserve. Being a brand that the food industry can count on is our greatest source of pride.



  • Great taste guaranteed with every bite
  • Livestock raised in a humane, responsible way
  • Sourced from independent farmers and ranchers
  • Guaranteed to be a product of the United States of America
  • A USDA Certified Program
  • Ultimate premium consistency year-round
  • Available in USDA Prime, High Choice and traditional grades





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