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Western Reserve Protein Group

Western Reserve Protein Group sources and produces the very best Angus beef, all produced in the USA. We are driven to deliver total quality and delicious taste throughout our family of brands. Our commitment to quality extends to our unparalleled vigilance in product selection and our dedication to successful, long-standing relationships with ranching partners. From the producer to the consumer, the quality is consistently exhibited on every plate.

cattle in Hastings Nebraska

All Angus. All The Time

Across all of our product brands, you will notice we specialize in Angus Beef. Why? Simply because it’s the best. Angus Beef is known for its fine marbled meat, which can be seen evenly throughout every cut. This marbling creates a more tender, juicy and flavorful meat unlike any you’ve tasted before. Try our Angus Beef and you’ll immediately taste the difference. Because it’s better. Because it’s real.

Our Private Treaty Program

WR Reserve Private Treaty is a “High Choice”-grade product that’s available for exclusive customers. Its well-marbled flavor delivers a smooth tenderness – the USDA Choice premium beef you remember and crave. When it is important to impress, let the quality and flavor of WR Reserve Private Treaty do the talking.


  • Livestock raised in a humane, responsible way
  • Sourced from independent farmers and ranchers
  • USDA Certified program
  • Ultimate premium consistency year-round

Contact Cattle Procurement

Director of Cattle Procurement:
Jim Williams (308) 222-0170 jwilliams@wrreserve.com